I've Been Everywhere
(Geoff Mack)
Australia 1962
#1 Sydney #2 Melbourne #1 Brisbane #1 Adelaide #4 Perth

Original recorded version

Written by Australian country songwriter and performer Geoff Mack. The song is also known as I've Been Everywhere, Man.

Geoff Mack also wrote the later USA variation recorded by Hank Snow (1963), Johnny Cash (1996) and others.

Lucky Starr also recorded versions of this song with British, American and New Zealand place names, all written by Geoff Mack.

There are numerous other variations and parodies, including a Springfield's State version from The Simpsons episode Mobile Homer. In Australia, BigPond Wireless Broadband has used I've Been Everywhere in TV advertisements.

The definitive source of information may be by Peter Harris who has visited every place mentioned in the song. Highly recommended.

Lyrics (Australian version): Go to The Blog for lyrics that match the Lucky Starr recording, or click here (.pdf). The song's Wikipedia article lists place names mentioned in various versions.

Further reading: The Wikipedia entry is a good source of information, and lists a number of alternative versions. For the latest on Lucky Starr, go to

On Geoff Mack, see Noel Clarke's Geoff Mack page and There is an article on Geoff Mack at Wikipedia.

The Swagman Rock
(Geoff Mack)
Original version: live performance


The prototype of I've Been Everywhere, written in 1959 and performed by Geoff Mack in his stage shows before it was retitled for the recording by Lucky Starr in 1962.

References, further reading: 1. Geoff Mack himself tells the story of Swagman Rock-I've Been Everywhere at caricaturist Mick Joffe's website. 2.  Geoff Mack page at Australian Country Music Hall of fame. 3. Richard E Patterson, "Geoff Mack: The man who wrote 'I've been Everywhere' " (2000), Country Music News Magazine, Canada, republished at

Thanks to Jan Baart for alerting me to this history.

Later versions:

I've Been Everywhere
(Geoff Mack)
USA 1962
Later version

Version with US place names, adapted by Geoff Mack from his original Australian version. #1 on US country charts. The lyrics to Hank Snow's recording are at

Hank Snow: country music legend, born in Canada in 1914, in the USA from the mid-1940s.

I've Been Everywhere
(Geoff Mack)
UK 1963
Later version

Australian comic singer-songwriter, painter and TV compere, famous initially for his 1960 hit, Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport. Long resident in the UK. On 1963 album Sun Arise.

Rolf Harris's version alters a few of the placenames.

I've Been Everywhere
(Geoff Mack)
New Zealand 1966
Later version

Popular New Zealand country singer, later known as John Grenell.

Original composer Geoff Mack apparently wrote a version with New Zealand place names. Some sources claim the NZ lyrics on this recording were written by John Hore, but I'm unable to verify this.

The New Zealand lyrics are at International Lyrics Playground.

Further reading: Bruce Sergent's page on John Hore at his New Zealand music site.

I've Been Everywhere
(Geoff Mack)
USA 1968
Later version

On 1968 album Promises, Promises, on Chart label, also released as a single.

US country singer (b.1947) who had a #3 pop hit in 1970 with Rose Garden.

I've Been Everywhere
(Geoff Mack)
USA 1973
Later version

On their 1973 debut album Comin' Right At Ya.

Long-running Western swing revival band, formed 1970. Founding member Lucky Oceans (b. Reuben Gosfield) now lives in Australia, where he presents the eclectic music show The Planet on Radio National.

I've Been Everywhere
(Geoff Mack [parodied])
Australia 1974
Later version


Grahame Bond, Rory O'Donaghue and Garry McDonald as Ernest, Ernie and Enzo Farrelly, suburban country and western artists, on the 1974 Polydor album Aunty Jack Sings Wollongong

The characters originated in Australian ABC-TV's comedy series The Aunty Jack Show (1972-73) and featured in an episode of the follow-up series Wollongong the Brave (1974).

As David Overett points out, this was the other great Oz version... where the lyric line, when it got to the place names, was 'Wollongong, Wollongong, Wollongong etc. etc.' with the odd Dapto thrown in for good measure. (Email)

Aunty Jack Sings Wollongong was reissued in 2006 (with a second disc to accommodate bonus tracks) to coincide with a stage revival of the Aunty Jack troupe.

Further reading: Milesago's illustrated history of Aunty Jack. IMDb pages for The Aunty Jack Show and Wollongong the Brave. There is an official site at

I've Been Everywhere
(Geoff Mack)
USA 1996
Later version

On 1996 album Unchained, using US place names as heard on Hank Snow's version (see

This is the version heard in Choice Hotels advertisements in the US.

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