Put Your Hand In The Hand
(Gene MacLellan)
Australia 1971
#11 Sydney #12 Melbourne

Allison Durbin: New Zealand singer, working mainly in Australia from the mid-'60s.

Co-charted with Canadian version by Ocean.

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See also: Don't Come Any Closer (1968), I Have Loved Me A Man (1968), Amerikan Music (1972), ; and her duet with Australian pop star Johnny Farnham on Baby Without You (1971).

Put Your Hand In The Hand
(Gene MacLellan)
Canada 1971
#1 Canada #1 USA #11 Sydney #12 Melbourne #1 Brisbane #9 Adelaide #6 Perth

Canadian band from Agincourt, Ontaria.

Co-charted in Sydney and Melbourne with version by New Zealand singer Allison Durbin.

Put Your Hand In The Hand
(Gene MacLellan)
Canada 1970
Original version

From Anne Murray's 1970 album Honey, Wheat & Laughter.

Canadian songwriter Gene MacLellan also wrote Snowbird for Anne Murray, covered in Australia by Liv Maessen.

Put Your Hand In The Hand was also recorded by Elvis Presley and many others: see the list of versions at The Originals.

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