Underneath The Arches
(Bud Flanagan - Joseph McCarthy)
Australia 1968
#10 Sydney #9 Melbourne #3 Brisbane #2 Adelaide

Double-sided hit with Friday Kind Of Monday

Johnny Farnham: enduring Melbourne pop star whose career took off after his first single, the neo-vaudeville novelty Sadie The Cleaning Lady, was skilfully publicised and became the best-selling Australian single of the 60s. He had a run of hits into the first half of the 70s, and branched out into TV and stage drama.

In the early 80s, by then known as John Farnham, he had a further hit with a

powered-up version of the Beatles' Help, and he fronted the Little River Band for a time. His real career revival came

in 1986 with the hugely popular contemporary album Whispering Jack and its three hit singles including the #1 You're The Voice.

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Underneath The Arches
(Bud Flanagan - Joseph McCarthy)
UK 1932
Original version

Popular British stage and film comedians Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen.

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