Don't You Know (Pretty Baby)
(John Marascalco - Scott Turnbull)
Australia 1960
#29 Sydney #1 Melbourne #33 Brisbane

Original version?

'Johnny O'Keefe with the Ernie Freeman Orchestra & Chorus'

Recorded in Los Angeles at Gold Star studios, produced by Snuff Garrett.

Written by John Marascalco - writer of Lonnie Lee's hit Starlight Starbright - and Scotty Turnbull (aka Turner), who co-wrote Johnny O'Keefe's hit She's My Baby.

Other songs co-written by John Marascalco include Sweet Thing (Booka Hyland), We've Got Something Going (Booka Hyland), and Opportunity (Mr Lee Grant).

Label shot by John Pear.


Don't You Know (Pretty Baby)
(Charlie Rich)
Australia 1962
Red herring
#23 Adelaide #2 Perth

Same title but not the same song as 'Don't You Know (Pretty Baby) by Johnny O'Keefe.

See Lonnie Lee - Don't You Know (Pretty Baby) for more details, including the Original version.

Label shot by John Pear.

Thanks to John Pear who verified this surprising red herring by checking label credits and listening to both songs.

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