Zoom Zoom Zoom
(Bernard de Cesare - Pasquale [Pat] Zompa)
Australia 1969
#38 Melbourne

Power pop single on Festival by Melbourne band with soul and psychedelic inclinations, popular as a live act.

The band's name was a modification of the original concept, 'Camp-Act'.

Keith Glass had left the band to appear in Hair in Sydney by the time Zoom Zoom Zoom was recorded. He was at the Sydney session for the song though, and recalls that he "did something (bashed a tamborine or made some sort of noise)".

See also I'm Your Puppet.


Further reading: For an account of the band's history and personnel changes see Milesago's Cam-Pact page

Thanks to Keith Glass.

Zoom Zoom Zoom
(Bernard de Cesare - Pasquale [Pat] Zompa)
Argentina 1969

Argentinian version, in English, on Odeon "Pops" label.

Listen at YouTube. And check out the comment by Pat Zompa himself!

Further reading: Collector's notes on this rare single at

Zoom Zoom Zoom
(Bernard de Cesare - Pasquale [Pat] Zompa)
USA 1969
Original version

Listen: Our Patch Of Blue - Zoom Zoom Zoom.mp3

Single on Warner Brothers label by popular 60s Rhode Island bar band, also known as The Patch. Zoom Zoom Zoom was written by Patch singer and guitarist Bernie De Cesare with his writing partner Pat Zompa (probably in the band as well).

Produced by Vini Poncia, songwriter/producer/musician often associated with Peter Anders (Andreoli), especially as The Videls (Mr Lonely), The Trade Winds (New York's A Lonely Town, Mind Excursion), The Innocence (There's Got To Be A Word) and Anders and Poncia (self-titled album on Warner Bros, 1969).

Vini Poncia was later involved, for example, with Kiss and Ringo Starr as a songwriter and producer.

The label shows A Map City Production: Map City was also the name of the label formed by Anders & Poncia at the end of the 60s.

The writers of Zoom Zoom Zoom, Bernie De Cesare and Pat Zompa, also wrote the B-side, Lily White, and had three of their compositions on Fats Domino's 1968 album Fats Is Back.

*De Cesare's name is spelt as de Caesar on the record, but he is listed at BMI as Bernard de Cesare Jnr.

Thanks to Dave Monroe and LJR.

Zoom Zoom Zoom
(Hayes - Jackson - Winley)
USA 1957
Red herring

Same title but not the same song as 'Zoom Zoom Zoom' by Cam-Pact.

Single on Winley by doo-wop group.

Thanks to Joop.

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