Craise Finton Kirk
(Barry Gibb - Robin Gibb)
Australia 1967
#26 Sydney #16 Melbourne #22 Brisbane #14 Adelaide #6 Perth

Single on Clarion label. In Perth only, this was a double-sided hit with I Am The World, written by Robin Gibb.

Johnny Young: Western Australian singer, songwriter, radio announcer and TV compere, real name John De Jong, often recorded with his band The Kompany. In later years he became best known for his long-running youth variety show Young Talent Time and the associated talent school, but his greatest claim to pop fame is for having written the Russell Morris classic The Real Thing.

Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy Of Arts
(Barry Gibb - Robin Gibb)
UK 1967
Original version

On the Polydor album First, recorded in London soon after the arrival of the Gibb family in the UK. Released in Australia on Spin. See Joseph Brennan's page on First at his Gibb Songs website.

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