(Danyel Gerard)
Australia 1971
#11 Sydney* #4 Melbourne #5 Brisbane #3 Adelaide #17 Perth

Single on Fable label.

Co-charted with the original by Danyel Gerard. *Sydney chart book The Book also lists both versions as peaking at #4 in Sydney.

Matt Flinders: singer, bassist, band leader and TV entertainer, born in Egypt of French-Italian-British background, in Australia since 1951.

Formerly known as Louis Bonett, his adopted name would sound familiar to most Australians through the name of the explorer and chartmaker Matthew Flinders (1774-1814).

David Neale in Belgium points out: ...the name "Flinders" is a corruption of the Dutch word "vlinders", the plural of "vlinder" which means... butterfly!

Further reading: 1. Matt Flinders by Matt Flinders (site no longer online: archived page at Internet Archive) 2. Matt Flinders entry at Wikipedia.
Thanks to Terry Stacey.

(Danyel Gerard)
France 1971
Original version
#11 UK #4 Melbourne #5 Brisbane #3 Adelaide #17 Perth

Daniel Gerard: singer-songwriter, based in France, born Gèrard Daniel Kherlakian in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1941 (although de.wikipedia has him born in Paris but spending his childhood in Rio). His initial rock'n'roll and recording career began in late-50s France but was interrupted by service in the French army.

Butterfly has been recorded in several languages. Gerard speaks fluent Portuguese and still has family in Brazil, where Butterfly was a big hit.

Single on CBS label in Britain and Australia, Verve in USA. Co-charted with the Australian cover version by Matt Flinders. *Sydney chart book The Book also lists both versions as peaking at #4 in Sydney. Charted Top 100 in USA.

References: German Wikipedia, Rockweb and Usenet post by Raoul Verolleman. Thanks to René Ferri for additional details.

(Guzzardi - Hammond)
Australia 1969
Red herring
#27 Melbourne

Similar title but not the same song as 'Butterfly' by Matt Flinders.

First single by Melbourne band, B-side of Tell Me. Follow-up single Penny Brown Girl/Barbara (1969) charted #38 in Melbourne. A later, re-formed line-up included Chrissie Amphlett, later of The Di-Vinyls.

Thanks to Alf Giarrusso of Daisy Clover.

Some other notable red herrings:


Andy Williams - Butterfly (A. September [Kal Mann - Bernie Lowe])
USA 1957
#1 USA #1 UK #2 Sydney
Charlie Gracie - Butterfly (A. September [Kal Mann - Bernie Lowe])
USA 1957
#1 USA #12 UK
The Hollies - Butterfly (Clark - Hicks - Nash)
UK 1967
On album Butterfly
Mariah Carey - Butterfly (Afanasieff - Carey)
USA 1997
#22 UK #21 Sydney #31 Melbourne #29 Brisbane #27 Adelaide #31 Perth
Crazy Town - Butterfly (Binzer-Flea-Frusciante-Kiedis-Mazur-Smith)
USA 1999
#3 UK #5 Melbourne #4 Perth

Later versions:

(Danyel Gerard)
USA 1972
Later version

Single on Reprise by star of Laugh-in and the movies.

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