Danger Zone
(Wilson Pickett - Steve Cropper)
Australia 1967
#3 Melbourne

Single on Columbia label. Double-sided hit in Melbourne only with Something About You Baby which charted in its own right in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Adelaide band that evolved from Bobby James and the Vibrants after Bobby James formed the Bobby James Syndicate. The Vibrants moved to Melbourne in 1966 and recorded their best-known songs, Something About You Baby and My Prayer. They survived major personnel changes in 1968, and had a minor hit in 1970 with I Can't Let Go Of Your Love (by Buddy England, then a band member) before breaking up at the end of 1971.

See also: The Letter Song.

Reference: Vibrants page at Milesago.

Danger Zone
(Wilson Pickett - Steve Cropper)
Jamaica 1966

Ska/rocksteady singer who had a number of hits in Jamaica in the 60s, mainly on the Studio One label, before recording in the UK for Trojan. He had a #1 UK hit on Trojan with his version of Bread's Everything I Own (1974). See Steve Huey's account of 'Jamaica's answer to Wilson Pickett' at All Music Guide.
Danger Zone
(Wilson Pickett - Steve Cropper)
USA 1966
Original version

On 1966 album The Exciting Wilson Pickett, on Atlantic label. Also on Atlantic single, B-side of Ninety-Nine & A Half (Won't Do) (1966).
Danger Zone
(Giorgio Moroder - Tom Whitlock)
USA 1986
Red herring
#2 USA #3 Perth

Same title but not the same song as 'Danger Zone' by The Vibrants.

On the Top Gun soundtrack.

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