Boppin' The Blues
(Attributed to Carl Perkins)
Australia 1972
#1 Sydney #1 Melbourne #3 Brisbane #1 Adelaide #2 Perth

Original version

Although the record credited Carl Perkins as songwriter, and is usually described as a reworking or a makeover of the Carl Perkins song, the two records, played back-to-back, reveal nothing in common but their title. Lyrically, melodically and structurally, they are different songs.

Jonathan Sturm, a friend of Blackfeather pianist Paul Wylde, writes at his website: Neither Paul nor the rest of the band could remember the lyric of the old Carl Perkins song, so they wrote their own.

It seems to me that Blackfeather ended up writing a completely different song altogether, but generously kept the Carl Perkins songwriting credit.

John Robinson (lead guitar), Leith Corbett (bass) and Mike McCormack (drums), all from the Dave Miller Set, along with vocalist Neale Johns formed the original line-up of this progressive rock band, although Corbett and McCormack were soon replaced by Bob Fortesque and Al Kash. The subsequent history of the band is complicated and involves many musicians: see the Blackfeather page at Milesago.

See also Seasons Of Change.

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Thanks to John Gambrill for pointing out the contrast between the two records.

References: 1. Jonathan Sturm at, quoted above. 2. Blackfeather history at Milesago.

Boppin' The Blues
(Carl Perkins - Curly Griffin)
USA 1956
Red herring

Same song as "Boppin' The Blues" by Blackfeather? Well, not really. See above.

On the Sun label.

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