Mary, Mary
(Robin Shaw - Micky Keene - Ritchie Yorke)
Australia (recorded in UK) 1966
#8 Perth

Original version

Single on International Sunshine, B-side of It's Not Easy, a double-sided hit in Perth. Elsewhere, It's Not Easy alone charted (#5 Sydney #3 Melbourne #2 Brisbane #6 Adelaide #21 NZ).

As far as I can tell, this was the original recording of this Mary, Mary.

For more details, see under It's Not Easy, and under Ooh La La, another Normie Rowe hit recorded in London and written by two of these writers, Shaw & Keene.

RED HERRING ALERT! This is not the same song as Mary, Mary, recorded by The Bay City Union, nor is it the Mary, Mary recorded by Sydney band The Clik.

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