Send Her Away
(Tony Hatch)
Australia 1966

Single on Go!!

Yvonne Barrett (1946-1985): popular Melbourne-based singer, originally from Perth, often seen on national TV pop shows in the late 60s and early 70s.

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Send Her Away
(Tony Hatch)
UK 1966
Original version

Single on Pye, B-side of You Baby (the Spector-Mann-Weil song, earlier by The Ronettes).

Jackie Trent (1940-2015) often wrote and sang with her then husband, the composer, arranger, music director and producer Tony Hatch (b. 1939). He was instrumental in Petula Clark's mid-60s career revival that began with Downtown (1964). He was Clark's producer, and he wrote most of her hits in that period, alone or in collaboration with Trent or Clark.

Jackie Trent's biggest solo hit was Where Are You Now? (1965, #1 UK, a Trent-Hatch composition). As a duo Jackie Trent & Tony Hatch charted more than once in Australia, notably with The Two Of Us (1967, #2 Sydney, #5 Melbourne, #1 Brisbane, #1 Adelaide, #40 Perth). They also wrote the theme to the Australian TV series Neighbours.

Tony Hatch had a hand in the original versions of One In A Million by Bev Harrell and Heart by Lynne Randell. He produced The Montanas' version of Ciao Baby, a song better known in Australia through Lynne Randell's version.

Further reading: 1. Jackie Trent obituary from The Guardian. 2. Tony Hatch song list from his official site [now defunct; archived page].


Later versions:

Alles Okay (Send Her Away)
(Tony Hatch - C. U. Blecher)
Germany 1967
Later version

German-language single on Pye (Germany), B-side of Bye Bye My Love (Auf Wiedersehen), with Tony Hatch as arranger and conductor.

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