Shy Boy
(Ken Burgess - Keith Hopkins [Keith West] - Mark Wirtz)
New Zealand 1968

Single on HMV (NZ), May 1968 by New Zealand band from Lower Hutt, active c.1966-1971. Produced by Howard Gable.

The Simple Image had half a dozen charting records in New Zealand including Spinning, Spinning, Spinning (1968, #1) and Grooviest Girl In The World (1969, #3). The band adopted a very 'mod' image, with their stage uniform always consisting of navy blue capes with pink lining, floral shirts, bell-bottomed trousers and Cuban-heel boots. [Bruce Sergent].

Thanks to Walter for suggestion and chronology.

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Shy Boy
(Ken Burgess - Keith Hopkins [Keith West] - Mark Wirtz)
UK 1968

On Parlophone album Tomorrow, February 1968, produced by Mark Wirtz.

Tomorrow vocalist Keith West is perhaps best known for Excerpt from a Teenage Opera (1967, #2 UK), aka Grocer Jack, from Mark Wirtz's Teenage Opera project.

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Shy Boy
(Ken Burgess - Keith Hopkins [Keith West] - Mark Wirtz)
UK 1967
Original version

Single on Parlophone, October 1967, arranged, directed and produced by Mark Wirtz.

To take in the extensive career of Mark Wirtz (b.1943, Strasbourg) see the discography and biography at

Nick Lowe and Brinsley Schwarz were in Kippington Lodge when it evolved into the pub rock band also called Brinsley Schwarz.

Writers: The song is credited to Burgess & Hopkins but Wirtz's name also appears at BMI (Work #4671565).

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