Comic Conversation
(John Bromley)
Australia 1970
#9 Melbourne #9 Brisbane #3 Adelaide #5 Perth

Original version

This still-popular song in John Farnham's repertoire was written by Manchester songwriter John Bromley (b.1947) whose demo of Comic Conversation was the source for Farnham's recording.

In a 2008 interview with ABC Radio's Coodabeen Champions, John Bromley recalled that Johnny Farnham discovered Comic Conversation amongst demos played to him in London by Tony Roberts of Warner Bros, Bromley's publisher.

John Bromley's songs have been recorded by several major artists, and in the 60s he released singles on Polydor, and was backed by Les Fleurs De Lys on a solo album.

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Further reading: John Bromley at MySpace.

Thanks to Lee Skaftouros for suggestion.

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