(Tom Snow)
Australia 1977
#2 Sydney #2 Melbourne #2 Brisbane #3 Adelaide #7 Perth

Single on Miracle label.

Sixteen-year-old singer Marcia Hines came to Australia from the US in 1970 for Hair, stayed for Jesus Christ Superstar, and became Australia's most popular female pop star of the late 70s, voted 'Queen of Pop' for three years and a judge on Australian Idol 2003-2009.

See also From The Inside and Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees by Marcia Hines.

Reference: Ian McFarlane, Encyclopedia of Australian Rock & Pop.
Further reading: Milesago's Marcia Hines page.
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(Tom Snow)
USA 1977

On Merrilee Rush (1977), United Artists album by Seattle singer, produced by Denny Diante.

Merrilee Rush And The Turnabouts had a hit in 1968 with Chip Taylor's Angel Of The Morning (#7 USA).

Further reading: Album review by Joe Viglione at All Music Guide. Wikipedia entry on Merrilee Rush.

You [aka Somethin' Special About You]
(Tom Snow)
USA 1975
Original version

On Capitol solo album Taking It All In Stride (1975) by prolific composer whose work has often been heard on film and TV soundtracks (see his IMDb filmography).

On the album the song title was You, but released on a Capitol single (1975) it became Somethin' Special About You ("from the LP Taking It All In Stride").

References: Research by Terry Stacey. The Originals (The Book) by Arnold Rypens.
Further reading: Tom Snow biography at Tom Snow entry at Wikipedia.

Later versions:

(Tom Snow)
USA 1978
Later version

On A&M album Love Me Again, also a single on A&M that charted #3 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart.

(Tom Snow)
USA 1979
Later version

On album Close Enough For Love (1979) on DRG label. See session details at, and the post-Capitol discography at

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