Um Um Um Um Um Um
(Curtis Mayfield)
Australia 1966
#21 Brisbane

Soul-R&B band formed in Sydney, 1966, also popular on the Melbourne live scene. Founding members David Bentley and David Montgomery had been in The Id. Three members of Python Lee Jackson later formed a band with the same name in the UK where they recorded the hit In A Broken Dream (wr. Bentley), notable for the participation of Rod Stewart.

References: Ian McFarlane, Encyclopedia of Australian Rock & Pop.
Further reading: Wikipedia article on Python Lee Jackson. See also Doin' Fine (Cloud Nine) at this site.
Thanks to Terry Stacey for suggestion.

Um Um Um Um Um Um
(Curtis Mayfield)
UK 1964
#5 UK

Single on Fontana by British Invasion band whose biggest hits were Game Of Love (1965, #2 UK, #1 USA) and (post-Wayne Fontana who went solo) A Groovy Kind Of Love (1966, #2 UK & USA).

Um Um Um Um Um Um
(Curtis Mayfield)
USA 1964
Original version
#5 USA #40 UK #46 Adelaide #17 Perth

Single on Okeh by Chicago soul singer usually produced by Carl Davis with songs by Curtis Mayfield, himself a notable soul artist, solo and with The Impressions. See I've Been Trying. .

Further reading: Versions listed at The Originals.

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