Song To Raymondo
(John Braden)
Australia 1970
#4 Sydney

Single on Chart label, double-sided hit with Looking Through The Eyes Of A Beautiful Girl. Also on Autumn's 1973 album on Chart, also entitled Song To Raymondo.

Autumn: Sydney pop band often on ABC-TV pop program GTK, most popular in their home city where they had four charting singles, 1970-71. See also Yellow River.

Autumn - Song To Raymondo.mp3

Further reading: Milesago's feature on Autumn.
Suggestion from Mike Robbins, David Lavender and Jeff Smith.

Song To Raymondo
(John Braden)
USA 1968
Original version

Track on A&M album John Braden, distinguished by the participation of Ry Cooder (though not, apparently, on this track). has a link from the musician John Braden to a filmography of a John Braden which includes an appearance in Woody Allen's Bananas
On the other hand, Internet Movie Database lists four different John Bradens and splits up the All Rovi filmography amongst two of them, so it's not clear which actor named John Braden, if any, is the Raymondo guy. 

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